Annunciation mosaic in Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv


Network for Ukrainian Studies Jena (NUS)
Annunciation mosaic in Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyiv
Image: Shakko via Wikimedia Commons

The network aims to support the collaboration of scholars working on Ukrainian with our colleagues, both those who have stayed in Ukraine as well as those who have relocated to other countries. We envision a heterogenous network with a central node here at Jena university as well as a further node in L'viv, with which we are conducting a DAAD-funded teaching projectExternal link aimed at Ukrainian students of (digital) philology. Further more, and extending beyond this core, we want to provide a platform for scholars interested in the interdisciplinary study of Ukrainian that extends beyond traditional frameworks to sociolinguistic and computational approaches.

Areas of collaboration include shared publications, seminars, guest lectures, research projects and collaborative grant proposals. Forms of collaboration will change as the situation in Ukraine will develop and colleagues will be able to return to their home institutions.

At this stage, the following individuals and institutions collaborate with us: